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## Examples
### Display available commands
bash$ csv help
CSV Pipes 0.1
csv \[command\] \[options\]
Available commands:
read [file] Read a CSV file. May be gzipped.
select [cols] Select one or more columns by index, starting with 1.
names [file] For CSV files with a header row, obtain the field names
limit [num] Restrict the number of rows returned.
ls [path] Obtain a directory listing as CSV
benchmark [file] How many seconds does it take to count the lines in a file?
collapse (piped) Collapse CSV rows that span multiple lines.
unquote (piped) Remove quotes that surround fields.
split (piped) Split a row into individual fields, producing one field per line.
sum (piped) Calculate the sum of a column containing numbers.
mean (piped) Calculate the mean of a column containing numbers.
count (piped) Count the number of rows returned.
version Print the version.
help Print this help message.
### Obtain file listing as CSV
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